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These financial experts show you how to attract clients with superior financial knowledge.  Whether you desire more estate planning clients or simply to increase insurance leads or investment leads, these top producers provide you the experiential knowledge to increase your clients and quality of clients. By studying any of these videos that interest you, you will attract new clients, increase sales and have more client referrals.  The result will be more money under management, more long term care sales, more annuity sales, more mutual fund sales and an increase of which ever financial products and services you offer.

Here's what the financial experts teach you:

Bill Nicklin shows you how to conduct Internet prospecting for qualified investment leads or insurance leads

Denny Roodman shows you a referral program using a simple referral letter to generate an overwhelming amount of referral business

Bill Bachrach teaches you to make more money, take more time off, get more referrals, gather more assets, and generate more income

Larry Banks shows you how to have others generate your long term care sales leads and virtually close your long term care insurance sale for you

Jack Martin, annuity marketing expert, shows you how 12 agents sold $85 million of annuities

Richard Maches teaches you the tactics of CPA referrals

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