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So many financial advisors, particularly insurance agents, lead a sad life.  They are desperate for clients.  These are the most common phrases they look for when searching the Internet: insurance lead, insurance agent lead, insurance sale lead.  Next in frequency were qualified insurance lead, lead generation, producer insurance lead and life insurance sales lead.   Do you get the feeling that insurance professionals are a little desperate for leads and business?

The list of hopeless searching continues with other phrases as insurance prospecting, prospecting list, prospecting letter and sale prospecting training. 

This is all backwards because insurance professionals should never be prospecting.  You should be meeting with prospects, but never prospecting.  Let me explain. 

Top producers never prospect.  To prospect means to identify from a group of suspects, the prospects. (A suspect is someone who meets certain qualifications on paper, such as they own a business and have between 25 and 50 employees.  A prospect is a suspect who is interested in your offer and has money).  Only once someone is identified as a prospect should you get involved. 

Finding prospects from a group of suspects should not be done by professionals.  Top producers locate their prospects in the following ways, which use up none of their time:

They place a compelling ad in a targeted publication that has prospects call.

They send a compelling prospecting letter that has prospects respond to a free offer

They send a compelling seminar invitation and qualified prospects (those interested having money) attend

Only once these prospects identify themselves do top producers take any action.

To see how top producers prospect, view these videos:

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